Well, I am Mirjam!


Hi there!

I am Mirjam, a frontend developer and scaredy-cat from Germany. :wave:

About me
While programming has been a hobby of mine for years, I only started to work as a developer in 2017 after working a office job and being a dogtrainer.

Things I love to talk about

  • Books! (Booksbooksbooks!!) :books:
  • Being a self taught programmer and changing careers. :woman_technologist:
  • Why working as a dogtrainer helped me become a better programmer :dog2:
  • What dogtraining taught me about leading people :woman_teacher:
  • Javascript :kissing_closed_eyes:
  • Modern software development :computer:
  • Dogs and cats :dog::cat:

Things I don’t stop to talk about so start at your own risk!

  • ASOIAF and Game of Thrones :dragon:
  • Mechanical Keyboard :keyboard:
  • My undying love for unit testing :kiss: :kiss:

Why Conference Buddy
I’m self taught and LOVE to learn new things and get to know other people working in a similar field. But, you see, when we order food at home, I don’t go and open the door. Ever. I’m an introvert type of person and I can be really socially awkward at times, so I’m stressed even thinking about talking to the delivery person. Also, I don’t feel comfortable in unknown and new situations on my own.

Now try picture me on a Tech Conference on my own…

Yeah. Right!

So when I changed jobs and started working in at my current workplace with a budget for Conferences, I was at a loss at first: I wanted to visit a conference really badly but I couldn’t finde someone to go with me. Even the thought of going alone was intimidating!

Some evening at dinner I complaint: “Well, really, why can’t I get a kind of a Buddy who goes to conferences with me and let me hide behind them for a bit?! Like a Conference Buddy!” Then I stopped. And thougt: I can’t be the only one, can I now?!

Here we are. Here you are, reading this. And maybe, we have a similiar problem.

Let’s go and be a solution. :heart:


[2019-02-06] c't WebDev, Köln, Germany
Behind the scenes: How I develop Conference Buddy

Thank you for creating conference buddy Mirjam!
I hope to meet you IRL soon! :smiley:


Hey Miri,

thanks for creating this awesome platform! <3
If you need any help, you know you can talk to me :slight_smile:


Thank you Mirjam for creating conference buddy. Madeleine gave me the tip and it sounds like a fantasist idea :smiley: :pray:


Thank you for this. As someone who goes to and plans lots of events I really see the need for something like this.

[2018-11-20 ]Webmontag Darmstadt, Germany
[2018-11-30] React Day Berlin, Germany