SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018



Date: December 6-8 2018 (Hackday December 9th)
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal

Short description / Topic

The yearly international Symfony conference for things related to the Symfony PHP components and framework.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

I will be speaking at the conference.

About me

I am a long time contributor to the PHP community. I was RM for PHP 5.3, contributed to PEAR, Doctrine, Symfony, Zend Framework and maintain various open source libraries. I am part of the Symfony core team and lead of the Symfony diversity initiative.


Hi, ill be attending the conference too. Im new hereā€¦ apology for my ignorance of the rules but i am excited to peer with someone


Hi there :wave:

Just wanted to ask if you met each other at the conference? :relaxed: