Support Conference Buddy - the first try

Hi there :wave:

As you know, I’m working on Conference Buddy in my free time and on my own costs right now. I’ve been thinking about how a system to support this project could look like - users never should have to pay anything for it - and currently the important thing for me is that getting in a bit money to cover some of the costs sholud not consume any of my time. It’s spare enough noadays as it is :sweat_smile:

So for now I set up a KoFi and a Patreon to enable others to donate what ever they like.
Also I’m trying to understand how open collective works :flushed: and if it’s an option (if any of you has experiences, please let me know!)

I don’t want to just use one plattform because I thought it would be easier if everyone can use whatever they already have or like. If you have any other recommenations, please let me know!

And I would love to hear your opinions about this approach! Even (especially?) if you think it it’s a :poop: thing to do.


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As I was educated that Ruby’s name is Ruby, and Ruby is nice, might there be some sponsoring merchandise? Wintergatan used teespring, maybe ConferenceBuddy might use it too. Or something like giving the design out (so one might used local print) in exchange for some small (ko)fee


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Hi :slight_smile:

This are both really good ideas! I want to make merchandise possible someday, with a vendor like teespring or simliar. I just don’t had the time to educate myself which vendor works best with german law & such. Also I need to check how to make it “tax prove”. But I hope I’ll be able to do that someday :blush: