Previously on Conference Buddy... current state


Hi folks!

I thought I would give you a quick update what happend the last weeks since the forum is open to you:

New in the forum

  • We’ve a new feature - thanks @alex0ptr for the suggestion - New feature - tags
  • A post with link to a conference list ist now pinned on top of the “Latest” Overview - Find your next tech conference (thanks @heiglandreas for the suggestions). I’m think there will be a list of conferences on the website in the end, with a note about Conference Buddys at this conferences, but that’s pie in the sky()
    ) I just learned that phrase and love it. I hope it fits :smiley:_

New logo and color schema

You may have noticed: Conference Buddy has a new logo and color schema. All thanks got to my awesome coworker from :heart: I hope you like it! The dog in the Logo is our dog Ruby and I’ll take some time soon to tell you why she’s such a fitting choice, besides being a good buddy.

Somehow, I was guest in not one, but TWO podcasts last week :open_mouth: Disclaimer: Both are german speaking. The episode in the KPKP Podcast is already online -> (German) podcast with Mirjam about ConferenceBuddy The podcast is about modern product development and I talk a bit about how Conference Buddy was “born” and how I try to develop it iterative, one step at time.

The other podcast was the Codestammtisch where we talk about side projects in general. It’s not focused on Conference Buddy though. The episode will be live around September 17th.

Promotion material almost done (yes there will be sticker!)
As some of you may know: The VueJS London invited Conference Buddy to come and be a community sponsor at their event in two weeks. So the last days things like layouts for Flyer, Rollup and (of course) stickers had a high prio. I hope I can order all until tomorrow. :muscle:

Call for papers DACHfest
One of the organizer of the DACHfest confererence where in contact with me very early when I launched the idea of Conference Buddy. Now they asked if I would like to apply for a lightning talk about Conference Buddy. Had to think a bit about it, because I never gave a talk at a tech conference and never gave anything on english :speak_no_evil: but, what the heck. It’s a great opportunity for Conference Buddy, travel costs won’t be too much because it’s in Munich - so now I’v a new task for the weekend, as I also never applied for a talk :sweat_smile:

Next steps
I plan on opening the forum to public in the next days. First I tought I should wait until I have a new website with more information ready, but then I realised that I wanted to work iterative and make small steps of progress more often, so, that’s the plan!

So! Now you’re all up to date :slight_smile: If you have any feedback - as always: please let me know!


DACHfest is about humans in technology, so CB fits that perfectly: making technology more accessible is one of our main challenges!