[Oct 7-10, 2019] Spring One Platform, Austin TX

Spring One Platform 2019

Date: Oct. 7th-10th
City: Austin, TX
Country: US
Link: https://springoneplatform.io/

Short description / Topic

The conference on enterprise Java development with Spring Framework, Cloud-native Java and Cloud Foundry.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

I’m a long time attendee and speaker at SpringOne Platform and happy to show you around. It’s grown to be quite a huge conference and thus might feel a bit intimidating to newbies. Happy to make some introductions to interesting people of your field of interest or just hang out, discuss tech in general, Spring, life in general :slight_smile:

About me

Software Engineer in the Spring team at Pivotal, Software. All things Spring, Software Architecture, DDD, REST. OpenSource enthusiast, musician.


Hi there,

It’s my first SP1. I’m going alone all the way from London, would be nice to get somebody to show me around!
A little bit about me:

Software Engineer and Director of Backend in Backbase UK. Spanish living in London after Madrid and Amsterdam

http://www.torr.es for more info


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Hi Oliver, This is my first SpringOne Conference, I am excited to learn lots and meet some of the
developers supporting the frameworks which we use every day.

a bit about me. software engineer at Build.com. Spend a lot of time working with Boot, Cloud, Data-Flow, Task, Batch, and service discovery. Looking forward to learning more about Data, Stream, Gateway, LoadBalancer, CircuitBreaker and WebClient.

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Ey Oliver, any news here?

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Hi Oliver, This is my first conference. I am here from New Jersey. Hope to meet you sometime.