Let's make stickers!


Hey @mirjam!
How about you receiving donations for ConferenceBuddy? I’d love to donate in exchange for some stickers (which I will distribute too :wink:).

Just a thought.


Uh, I never thought about donations :thinking: Didn’t think about financing at all yet to be honest. I’m currently working on stickers (everybody loves stickers!!) and I’ll look what will do with it!


I did a StartNext for #RheinMainRocks stickers, which worked very well! https://coderbyheart.com/rheinmainrocks-sticker/

But I’m happy to just send you :moneybag:.


Oh, StartNext looks nice! Thanks for the tipp!

I also thought about setting up a Patreon for a time but hadn’t had time to look into it.


Just wanted to say : Thank you!


Looks great! :star_struck::blush::tada: