How does this work?


The current iteration of Conference Buddy is this forum. It provides a platform to find other people to attend a tech event together.

How to be a Confererence Buddy?

Being a Confernce Buddy is about supporting one another. It doesn’t neccessary mean you spent all the time at an event together - if that’s what you feel best this, do it, though! Imagine it like a wingman/wingwoman situation: Team up through the day as often as you like to get more comfortable. Go separate ways when you feel like mingling and meeting other people. Or approach people together. Who knows, maybe you can find the next Conference Buddy right away.

Most important: Speak about it! Tell others how you would like to do this. Meet up at breakfast? Go for a coffee the day before? If you’re like me, you’ll feel better if you know what is ahead of you, so a specific and and reliable arrangement will make things a lot easier. Predictability is a real help. Communicate! We’re all here to support each other and creating a safe place to talk exaclty about things link that.

I want to attend a conference and look for a Buddy. What to do?

List of Conferences is the place to be! Take a look if your conference is already listed. If so, it means there should already be someone looking for a Conference Buddy! So go and say Hi :blush:
If the event you’re looking for not there, just make a post.

I’m not sure which tech event to visit. Where to go?

Nomen est omen: Look for a Conference! You’re not committed to a specific conference and your priority is finding a Conference Buddy first? Or you want to get some recommendations what events others like? Post here what you are looking for so others can help you!