Hi, I'm Samuel

Hey folks, my name is Samuel, I’m a curiosity-driven software developer (mostly database centric nowadays) and work for a tiny company in southern Germany.
I remember very well the scary situation when I went alone to a quite big conference last year - as first-time attendee and first-time speaker. I’m not a very seasoned conference visitor, but if I can help to reduce these feelings of being lost and not belonging for others (mainly in the Oracle conference sphere) I’m more than happy to.

You can always talk with me about

  • Oracle, PL/SQL and Java
  • Automated testing, Simple Software Design
  • Compassion, Nonviolent communication, Ethics
  • Politics (we might hit a serious roadblock if you support parties that question basic human rights for people of all origins)
  • Star Wars, Dogs

Looking forward to hopefully meet some of you!