Hi, I'm Ophir



My name is Ophir, I live in Israel. I’m Tufin’s chief software architect.

I’m a software developer at heart and an active learner. I make it my business to be up to date and well informed about techniques, tools and accounts of other software development efforts.

Clean coder, pair programmer. I do my best to be sensitive to people I interact with. Harshest critique of my own code, forgiving of almost anything else.

You can always talk to me about

  • Software development in general
  • Kotlin / Java / Scala / JS / APIs / DevOps
  • IntelliJ IDEA :slight_smile:
  • Movies
  • History


[2018-11-05] QCon San Francisco - November 5-7, 2018

Hi Ophir,

welcome! It’s great you’re here :smile: