Hi, I'm Lars 👋


Hi everyone,

a colleague and friend showed me this and I am super excited! This is such a lovely idea.

My name is Lars, I work as a consultant in Munich, Germany. Previously, I was a PhD student. I’ve been to loads of conferences, and in the beginning, meeting and talking to people was hard. Nowadays I’m getting slightly better at it :wink:

A few more words about me: I like functional programming (Scala, Haskell etc.), but I’ve recently started dabbling with Rust too. I also like tooling (build systems, CI/CD) and contribute to open source projects. When I’m at a conference, I love to talk about all things software, because I enjoy learning about new things. Also, I’m queer :rainbow_flag:

See you at a conference,

[2019-06-11] Scala Days Lausanne

Hi Lars :wave:

It’s great having you here :tada: and thanks for the feedback :blush: