Hi, I'm Christoph 👋

Hello everyone!

My name is Christoph and I’m from Paderborn, Germany.

I’ve worked as a Software Engineer, Team Lead and Consultant in the Web and Cloud ecosystems for around 15 years and have visited quite a few conferences and meetups.

Approaching strangers (but also people that I recognize, for example from conversations on Twitter) is still hard. To a certain extent, this is also part of my job and I’m getting better at it slowly. ConferenceBuddy is an awesome idea!

At the moment, I mostly work with Node.js, React, GraphQL, Docker, FaaS and Kubernetes. I’m the organizer of the monthly Paderborn.js meetup and, apart from technical and organizational topics, like to talk about food, travel, tv series and gaming.

I’m looking forward to meet you at a conference or meetup! :slight_smile:


Hi Christoph :wave:

Ha, great you’re here now :tada:

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