Hi, I'm Christian 🙌



My name is Christian, I live in Germany, near Frankfurt. I work as an agile lead slash backend developer.

About me

My whole professional live, I have been working at companies big and small with focus on geo information systems and new mobility solutions.

I am passionate about software development and enjoy writing code every day. But I also like working with people and engaging with all kinds of communities.

You can always talk to me about

  • Emacs!
  • New mobility solutions
  • JS/Ruby/Postgres/Elixir
  • Software development in general
  • Meetups
  • Leadership-stuff
  • Mechanical keyboards

Me & Conferences

I like going to conferences and meetups and I am always happy to meet someone I know. Feel free to hit me up when you see me!


[2018-11-03] Mechanicon, Frankfurt/Main, November 3rd 2018