Hi, I'm Cassandra

Hi everyone! I’m Cassandra Faris. I LOVE tech conferences and events. I’ve been attending them for 9 years and speaking for 4 years. I’m a textbook extrovert. I love the idea of ConferenceBuddy and would be glad to buddy up with anyone for meals, evening activities, and/or exploring the city.

I’m based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. I focus on the human side of tech. I’ve worked in talent management, marketing, leadership, mentoring, and employee engagement. Currently, I’m the Innovation & Product Evangelist at AWH, a company focusing on creating hardware and software that makes people’s lives better. A lot of our work is in the healthcare and non-profit spaces, and invoves IoT and/or big data.

For fun, I’m into travel, board games, watching soccer, running, and my corgi dog. I’m always happy to make new friends at conferences and hope to meet some of you soon.


Hi Cassandra,

welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: great to have you on board!

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