Hi, I'm Alex


Hi there :wave: - I’m a Software Developer and have been working with Java and JavaScript for several years. My day to day job keeps me busy with Spring Boot, and I love to work with frontends built with Vue.

I like to measure and monitor the things I run, so I use tools like Piwik, Prometheus and Grafana to get some insights.

I regularly talk at conferences and user groups. Now and then I write an article or blog post.

For the upcoming JavaLand conference I’m honored to mentor one of the newcomers.

You can find out more about me on my homepage https://www.ahus1.de/ or Github repos https://github.com/ahus1


Hi Alex :wave:

thanks for being here!


Nice to see you here, @ahus1 :smile: - to be honest, I only want to get the emoji badge :wink: