Hi, I'm Alex and this title field needs to be longer


Hi there, I’m Alex.

I’m a Senior Developer and interested in AWS, DevOps, Microservices and Reactive Programming. I’m also speak on conferences from time to time.

@mirjam This site is looking super impressive and intuitive already. Really impressed :astonished:! Can’t wait to see it take off!

Btw: “Hi, I’m Alex” is too short for a topic name :-S



Hi Alex

great you’re here :blush:

Oh, I edited the title length a bit, thanks for the hint.


Hi Alex, nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

With what languages are you working?


Oooh missed your response. I don’t code that much nowdays… Currently more in a DevOps Position, so a lot of YAML and Bash. But when I do it’s mostly Kotlin and some Go.