Hi, I am Gerd


My name is Gerd, I live in Griesheim/Darmstadt, Germany. I earn my money contracting as freelancer (development, architecture, devops, …).

Heard a lot of nice stories about Conference Buddy and decided that it is time to join … Will be at some conferences in the next monthes and have a small network of people already. I am happy to introduce new people or even to get in touch with others and make new friends.


Hi Gerd,

great to have you here! :wave: Seeing as you work more or less around the corner from me, can I ask you how you heard from Conference Buddy? It’s interesting to see how the word spreads :smiley:


Hola Mirjam,

I don’t remember how exactly I heard the first time about Conference Buddy, I guess via Twitter (from Markus Tacker?). I really wonder why we have never met before? Or did we and did not recognize it? I think there is already a strong network of people between us (via JUG DA, your company, Meetups and User Groups, Agile + SoftwareCrafting events etc.)?

BTW: I am also developing some open source software for conferences as I am part of the DukeCon team - our planner is used for Javaland, ApacheCon etc.



Hi Gerd,

ah, with the profil pic I recognize you from Twitter :smiley: Yeah, right, there are serveral connection! I’m pretty sure we’ll cross ways sooner or later.

Best Mirjam