Hi, I am David


Hi there, I am a part of the Community Engineering team at Magento. This basically means I help maintain the GitHub side of Magento. This can mean anything from validating issues, merging pull requests, running community driven projects, running hackathons, and helping people with getting into open source contribution and Magento.

  • I speak and attend conferences regularly (mostly Magento based events).
  • I am fairly active with regards to getting an open discussion about mental health (see #MageMH)
  • I used to play rugby at a kind of high level
  • Big fan of making life easy for people to focus on what they love, especially in the work or open source environments.

Best place to find me is in and around Frankfurt am Main (Germany) or on Twitter. :yellow_heart:


Hi David,

welcome :tada: #MageMH looks like a great initiative, really cool :heart: