Hello, I'm Michael!

Greetings everyone,

This is my 8th season attending technology conference and events and this has had a tremendous impact on my life, both personally and professionally. For a couple years I have been offering to meet people at conferences and help them meet people and find their way around, and I hope that Conference Buddy helps make these connections.

This year I also participated in the Global Diversity CFP Day as a mentor and would be thrilled to help speakers get started and achieve their goals. Last year I started the @TechDailyCFP twitter account to help technology speakers find conferences to present at.

I’ve been working in technology for quite awhile as a developer, consultant, and entrepreneur. These days I mostly focus on software architecture and methodology, specifically looking at the intersection of human and technical skills.

I spend my free time playing board games, role playing games, traveling (sometimes for conferences!), writing, and camping.


Hi Michael,

welcome! It’s great to have you here :blush:

If you don’t mind - I would love to hear about your experiences with offering others support in going to conferences.

Hi! I’ve taken friends, co-workers, and employees to a number of conferences over the last few years. I’ve also helped at least 3 different people get started as a conference speaker. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet a number of Twitter followers at various conferences.

Supporting others at conferences has thus far included:

  • Helping pick topics / sessions
  • Making introductions to other speakers, organizers
  • Meeting up at meals / parties
  • Providing suggestions for restaurants, activities around town

Supporting new speakers includes:

  • Helping pick topics
  • Reviewing abstracts
  • Suggesting conferences (including launching the @TechDailyCFP)
  • Reviewing slides
  • Sitting through practice runs and providing feedback