Hello everybody, I'm Ben! ๐Ÿค˜


Hello world!

My name is Ben, I am from Bavaria and I work as a software developer/architect in Munich, mainly in Java and .NET. I love to talk and discuss about code quality and quality code, which is why I also do that at conferences. However, it is sometimes a bit difficult for me to find someone to talk to in the evening of the conference or during breaks. So maybe one or more of you will rise to the occasion and support me at one of the conferences. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apart from work, I like heavy metal, board games, card games, martial arts, movies, fantasy books and I have a serious addiction for good coffee. :upside_down_face:

One day in 2018, ConferenceBuddy appeared in my twitter timeline. I instantly liked the idea, but as you can see from todayโ€™s date, it took me quite some time to introduce myself properly. Apologies for that. I look forward to meet some (or even all? :scream_cat:) of you one day at conferences or meet-ups.


Hei Ben, so great that you took the time and effort to introduce yourself! That makes it so much easier to learn about the variety of humans who can benefit from ConfBuddy. Looking forward meeting you somewhere in the future!


Hi Ben :wave: Great that youโ€™re finally here :smiley: