Hei, I'm coderbyheart


Hei sammen,

nice to to get to know y’all.

I’m Markus, originally from the Rhein-Main Area in Germany, and since July’17 I’m living in Trondheim, Norway where I work at Nordic Semiconductor doing IoT stuff with JavaScript.

You can learn more about me on coderbyheart.com where I occasionally blog. Follow me on Twitter, that’s where I hang out all day.

I immediately became a fan of ConferenceBuddy when I read about it the first time because I think that too few programmers attend conferences. My secret goal is actually to get people into speaking at conferences, so there might be a TalkBuddy, who knows. :crossed_fingers:

I have some experience going to conferences, and being a white dude makes it so much easier to show up somewhere an immediately be accepted as a peer. I try to use this privilege and share it with you so that I get to see more and more diverse attendees at my conferences.

I wrote a blog post about this a while ago: Bring your inexperience to a conference.

Please note that my DMs are always open if you need advice; ask me about programming (web, backend, APIs, Node.js, JavaScript, AWS, …), software craft (Testing, Quality, Releasing), career advice, leadership and agile methodologies.

If you are in Trondheim :norway:, meet me for a coffee! :coffee:


Hi Markus :smile:

Great you’re here!

Ha! Sounds like my CTO speadking :sweat_smile: Throw in some SpeakMentors beforehand :wink:

On a serious note - I think (hope!) bringing more people in the community and help them experience conferences will help here too.


Hei Markus :smiley:
Håper du trives i Trondheim, nydelig by!

I’d love to get started with giving talks etc, but I’m terrified and don’t know where to start :cold_sweat: in desperate need of a SpeakMentor/TalkBuddy :grimacing::heart_eyes:


I would be totally on board with that! I’ve experience with speaking in general because I’ve done this as a dogtrainer, but it feels different in tech somehow.

@vicbergquist - you already tested the waters with talks on your own meetup, right? If you are ready for a next step, you could let me know - the Techettes would love to have you. It‘s a very warm and welcoming atmosphere which makes it very easy to give a talk.

I could provide support at leat with the basics - bodylanguage, stress handling etc.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I’ve to think about this some more…


Det er fantastik her in Norge, og Trondheim er greit: mange muligheter på gå ut pa tur i vakre naturen rett ved leiligheten min. Jeg også liker at Trondheim har so mange studenter og ikke so mange turister - vir har en greit tilbud av barer, cafeer od kultur.

https://speaking.io/ has fantastic resources on public speaking.

I would be happy to do a video chat with you to give you more personal pointers, if you are interested. PN me so we can arrange a time!


I would be happy to do a video chat with you to give you more personal pointers, if you are interested. PN me so we can arrange a time!

That’s soooo great :star_struck::tada: