GOTO Copenhagen 2018


GOTO Copenhagen 2018

Date: 19 - 21 November 2018
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark

Short description / Topic

This year’s theme is ‘brave new world’.

The Topics are: Cloud native, machine learning, security, advanced mobile, devops, serverless, microservices and agile

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy.

I’have been to a couple of conferences, but this is the first time I use ConferenceBuddy. I think it is a nice idea and this is an experiment/tryout. :wink:

I’m attending the conference days, not the workshops. If there is somebody out there looking for a ConferenceBuddy, we could contact us via twitter or mail and meet somewhere at the conference. Maybe have a talk in one of the lunch breaks.
If there is a table football (GOTO Berlin has some) I could offer my mediocre skills.

About me

I’m a software architect from southern Germany. I’m a father, sports guy and esports dude. I love movies.


Hi @_dominik_h :wave:

I just wanted to ask if you met someone at the conference through Conference Buddy?