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List of conferences where you can post a event, either because you want to look for a Conference Buddy to go with you or because you are going to this event and want to offer to be a Conference Buddy for others :smiley:

Before creating a topic please take a quick look if the conference you want to add may be already here. If so (yey!) just reply to the topic and meet your potential future Conference Buddies :smile:

When creating a new topic there will be a template with some prefilled text and {placeholder} to help you put in all relevant infos. Please keep in mind that others may look for a conference in this list, so it’s really helpful if we have some infos for every conference.


Hey, Can you list a Symfony Meetup in your list which is going to be the very first event of Symfony in India? Here’s the link: https://webkul.com/meetup/symfony-2018/

Thank You