[2020-05-25] International PHP Conference Spring Edition, Berlin, Germany

International PHP Conference Spring Edition 2020

Date: May 25th - 29th 2020
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Link: https://phpconference.com/

Short description / Topic

One of the largest (and oldest) PHP conferences. And they certainly have the most brilliant speakers, because I will give a talk :slight_smile:

I want to be a Conference Buddy

  • We could meet for a dinner or lunch beforehand or while the conference.
  • We could meet at the entrance to enter together.
  • I could introduce you to some people you maybe would like to talk to.
  • You could accompany me around the talk, if you’re interested to have a look “behind the scenes” :slight_smile:

About me

I’m into software development for a really long time now. I’ve also been to several PHP Conferences some years ago and I’ve also given talks there. I’m sort of an extroverted introvert so I know the problems with being on a conference for the first time and being an introvert :blush:

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