[2020-02-03] Microsoft DevRel CAMP, Bellevue, WA [Experiment, invite-only event]

DevRel CAMP Microsoft

Date: February 3 - 7
City: Bellevue, WA
Country: USA
Link: no public link


This is Microsofts annual Developer Relations Camp. It’s for Microsoft employees in DevRel only, but I would love to facilitate conferencebuddy there, as the team has grown a lot since the last time we all met. And some might find this a great opportunity to connect and get intros.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

  • I’m a PM, so I’ll probably be at all the PM sessions.
  • I’m already arriving on Feb 1.

About me

I’m trying to change tech industry to the better in regards of diversity & inclusion. I love to hear personal stories, and I also like to tell you mine after I heard yours. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. If you find me unconscious, please call emergency.

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:wave: @jansche, great idea to provide ConfBuddy on an internal conference! I think this adds an extra level of inclusivity since company events sometimes can feel even more intimidating for new employees, compared to being a first-timer at a conference.

It would definitely be cool if you could spread the word about ConfBuddy and the idea!


I’ll be there as well! See ya!

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