[2020-01-23 to 2020-01-24] FlutterEurope, Warsaw


Date: January 23rd-24th, 2020
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Link: https://fluttereurope.dev/

Short description / Topic

Flutter Europe is an initiative driven by European Flutter Communities to gather all Flutter passionates and learn to create beautiful apps. Their goal is to share Flutter knowledge, improve Flutter skills and expand Flutter community.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

I’ve been to many conferences and I know quite some people. We could meet at the Unofficial Flutter Europe Before Party on Wednesday evening (be quick to get an invite), or simply meet before the keynote on Thursday. We can hang out during the conference. And - if you’re into that - I can introduce you to some nice friends / Flutter devs :slight_smile:

About me

Hi, I’m Marc! I’m a developer with main focus on mobile (mostly Android, but lot’s of other stuff as well). I like self-driving cars and open source. I really enjoy helping others - more than anything else.