[2019-2-22] JestPHP, Phoenix AZ US



Date: Feb 22, 2019
City: Phoenix, AZ
Country: USA
**Link: jestphp.com **

Short description / Topic

JestPHP is 1-day, affordable, community conference for PHP developers in Arizona. We invite our PHP-coding friends in the Phoenix-metro area (and beyond) to join us for our event. We promise to provide a perfect blend of education and entertainment to create a unique experience that will be both memorable and valuable to your careers. To best deliver both code and comedy to our guests, we will be hosting the event at the JesterZ Improv comedy club.

Not really looking for a buddy, but willing to be one during my time there. Mostly just posting here in case anyone is interested.

Feel free to message on the azwebdevs slack (get an invite via azwebdevs.org )