[2019-08-23] AnxietyTech - NYC


Date: 8/23/2019
City: NYC
Country: USA
Link: https://www.anxietytech.com/

Short description / Topic

Find other members of the tech community interested in mental health
Witness innovation by companies and researchers in this space
Learn how to advocate for mental health at work

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy

Hi everyone! I’m one of the speakers at AnxietyTech this year. I haven’t been to NYC since I was a kid and I suffer from severe PTSD-related anxiety – the person who was supposed to be going with me backed out. I’m arriving at LaGuardia at 4:45 PM local time on 8/22 if anyone is going to be arriving at the same time. Otherwise, I’m staying at the official conference hotel (Westin New York @ Times Square) just two blocks or so from the conference itself, and need someone to walk with me from the hotel to the conference. Would also love someone I can kind of tag along with who I know is a “safe” person – bonus if you’ve got experience with navigating NYC, want to grab meals (with a bigger group is ok!), etc.

About me

@bunnyladame on Twitter

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Hello! I know it’s quite last minute now but I’m also staying at the Westin for the conf if you’d like to meet up? I’m British but I worked in NY for a bit so I know my way around slightly. Anyway feel free to reply/DM me if you like, and good luck with the talk :slight_smile: