[2019-07-22] Codeland conf :)


Date: July 22nd
City: New York
Country: United States
Link: https://codelandconf.com/

Short description / Topic

The only conference designed for new and growing developers.

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy

Hello, I really looking forward to this conference as its my first :smiley: . I also think it’ll be really cool to go with someone! We could meet the evening before the conference. We could do a dinner or whatever else you are more comfortable with!

About me

My name is Dami. I’m currently a computer science major. I’m hoping to meet new people in this conference and grow my network! Also get tips on getting an internship or a full time role!


Hei Dami, welcome to ConfBuddy!

Please update your title to include the date, like here, so it’s easier to spot when your conference takes place in the list of conferences.


Hi @Dami , I open to being a conference buddy. I will be attending CodeLand for the very first time. Meeting up before the conference sounds good to me.


Hi you two @Dami @Chris

So happy the two of you will be at codeland and could be Conference Buddies. Please don’t forget to plan meeting beforehand and - if you like - let us here know when you have met! :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, sorry I’m just seeing your reply.
I think it is already included.

Hi Chris. That’s awesome. Thanks for honoring my request :slight_smile: . Do you have a twitter account, or some other medium we can use to talk more?

Sorry for replying late btw! I thought I was going to receive an email notification, but I didn’t

I’ll be at Codeland as well!

Unfortunately I won’t be available to meet the day before, but I’d love to meet up at the conference!

You can message me here or on Twitter (@yechielk) to try and arrange something!