[2019-05-31 to 06-02] CSS & JSConf EU



Date: 2019-05-31 to 06-02
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Link: https://2019.jsconf.eu/

Short description / Topic

CSSconf EU is a one-day, one-track community conference that unites world-class speakers, top-notch engineers & web designers, and many more with an affinity for CSS in Berlin, Germany.

JSConf EU is the labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community in Europe.

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy

I’m feeling super shy as a newbie in tech, :sos:
I’m available during all the free times of the conference as I really don’t know anyone else yet who’s also attending.

About me

Hi, I’m Faye! A career-shifter from marketing, now aiming to become a UX Engineer. I received a scholarship to attend the conference so I’m super stoked at this big push to my shift. Currently based in Munich. Let’s connect on Twitter!


Hei Faye, and welcome! :wave:

I guess @kotzendekrabbe might be able to be your buddy, she is one of the organizers and also active here…