[2019-05-23] Think About! Conference - Cologne

Think About! Conference

Date: 23 - 24 May 2019
City: Cologne
Country: Germany
Link: https://think-about.io/en/

Short description / Topic

Think About! is a tech conference which focuses not only on technology but also on design and their social impact. It creates a safe and inspirational space for everyone, and we really mean everyone .

Our belief is that society needs diversity in order to continue a healthy and critical dialogue. For this reason we want to bring together diverse individuals and enable them to challenge themselves and each other.

Come and be a Conference Buddy!

Thanks to the :heart: organizers there will be a Conference Buddy booth at the venue! You will easily be able to spot it thanks to the big :dog: roll up :smiley: Thursday you will find @Parideis on the boot (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!!) and Friday I’ll be in Cologne and happily be your Conference Buddy.

:tada: We will have Conference Buddy Buttons, so if you are willing to be a Buddy for others, please come and get a button as a signal.

Make sure to drop by any time :heart_eyes_cat:

About me


Thanks for having me! :smile:
I believe the Conference Buddy movement will help our community grow in a good way.
I’m really glad to be a part of it! :smiley:

And like @mirjam said, drop by any time :wink:

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