2019-05-21 DevDay Dresden

DevDay 2019

Date: 21. May 2019
City: Dresden
Country: Germany
Link: https://www.devday.de

Short description / Topic

conference around frontend and backend topics, language mainly German, entry is free

I want to be a Conference Buddy

I know some people at the conference and Ive been there before so if anyone wants to go for the first time, I am happy to meet in the morning for a bit of intro to everything and then catching up over lunch again.

About me

I am open, spontaneous and easy going, in IT for ages, and I speak fluent English and German.

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Hey, I’m also going to be at DevDay :slight_smile:

I also want to be a conference buddy
I was there last year and liked it a lot, which is why I will be there again. If it is your first time at DevDay, or even your very first conference, feel free to get in touch. We can meet before the conference starts, or at lunch time. You will most likely find me close to the coffee counter :wink:

About me
I like (good) coffee, speak both English and German fluently and I am always glad to meet new people at conferences.

Maybe we can arrange a conference buddy gathering with @Katharina01099, me, and everyone who will join us. :upside_down_face:


Hi @ichaos1985 and @Katharina01099 did you two met in Dresden??

Unfortunately not, no. :slightly_frowning_face: And also no one else.

Sorry to hear :confused: Let me know if you have any idea how I may help here to make “matches” happening more likely!

If I could get my hands on one of the stickers and/or the button, it might be easier for me get located. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I did just now see your answer. I’m working on a better solution here, but if you’ve a conference coming up, please drop me a private message with your adress (if you like) and I can send you stickers and buttons!