[2019-05-11] Magento Imagine 11th to 15th of May 2019

Magento Imagine

Date: 11/05/2019-15/05/2019
City: Las Vegas
Country: USA
Link: https://imagine.magento.com/

Short description / Topic

Magento Imagine is Magento’s own run big conference of the year. It covers all areas for the Magento world and runs from Saturday through till Wednesday. There is so much going.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

Since this conference is really big it can be very off putting for people visiting for the first time, or for anyone to be honest, I am happy to be a Conference Buddy for people. If you need some tips and information throughout the event or just want a chill out coffee as the event can be intense feel free to reach out.

You can find me on Saturday and Sunday at the Contribution Day running the beginners table, and on Wednesday at the DevExchange running the mental health table. Though any other time during the event please do not hesitate to reach out in person or via twitter if you would like to chill.

About me

My name is David and I work for Magento. I have been going to Magento Imagine for a couple of years.

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