[2019-04-13] JSUnconf Hamburg


JSUnconf Hamburg

Date: 2019-04-13 and 14
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Link: https://2019.jsunconf.eu/

Short description / Topic

Unconference about Javascript! :smile:

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy

If you also don’t know anyone there and don’t want to spend the conference alone, let’s meet!

About me

Quite senior software engineer (I’m already 39! :scream:) working full-stack with Javascript and React and AWS. I love good music, sports and my family. :hugs:


Hi Philipp, I’m going to also to the Unconference and do not know anyone. So we can meet us. I’m only three years older than you :joy:.


Hello Friends. :slight_smile: I’ll be there too! In case you want to meet. :tada:


Hello people. I am there and open to connect.


Hi Everyone,

I’ll be at the conference as well, happy to be your ConfBuddy as well.



I also don’t know anyone so I’m going alone. How do we connect?


I recommend that you pick a time and spot before the conference starts, e.g. on the morning, close to the registration and let everyone here know, so you all can meet.


What Markus said! What worked best for me is to arrange a specific place and time where and when to meet - and maybe add a info what you wear or how else someone can identify you :smile:


Oh my, I haven’t noticed all the replies so far, sorry!

So the conference starts at 9 with registration and breakfast, actual program starts at 10. Shall we meet at 0930 in the breakfast area? I’ll scout the spot and designate a meeting spot.



I’m gonna be there as well. :slight_smile:

And, I’ll actually be in HH Friday afternoon already. So, if anyone is up for strolling the city or dinner, let me know. (Ping me via Twitter. :wink: )


Unfortunately I wont be able to make it to Hamburg. :cry: Sorry…


I’m giving away my ticket for free. So if you know someone – send them to me.


I am also part of the orga team. We will put up a wall with the confbuddy logo for you to find each other. Also we will tell again during our opening :slight_smile:


Hi. I will also be there and I actually know @stefanjudis from JSHeroes conference in Romania, last year. But he surely doesn’t know who I am :smile:


I’ll also be there, alone :frowning: Looking forward to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey all! I’m also going and would love to be pals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:wave: I saw some pics on twitter… feel free to share some Success Stories :hugs: