[2019-02-15] European Testing Conference, Valencia, Spain


European Testing Conference is the major community conference that centers around testing. The organizers put a tremendous effort into creating a diverse event, offer speaker mentoring, childcare, diversity support and much more (read more in their blog).

You can find the list of talks here. The main topic is testing, and speakers cover topics like Mob Programming, Distributed Systems, Leadership, Automation.

Part of the program are practical workshops which are included in the conference ticket. There will also be an OpenSpace and a Lean Coffee.

I wrote a blog post about it here.

50 EUR discount for ConferenceBuddies, PN me for the code!


I will be speaking there an would be very happy to be your Conference Buddy!


I’ll be attending and would like to meet Conference Buddies.


ETC offers Diversity Tickets: https://diversitytickets.org/en/events/314Deadline

Deadline for the application is: December 30th, 2018 23:59:00 UTC


I’ll be attending and would like to meet Conference Buddies as well.

@coderbyheart, @Thorsten, see you there!


@bberrycarmen @coderbyheart @Thorsten

I’m curious - did you met?! :see_no_evil:


Hi @mirjam! Sorry, I should have written an update here after the event.

I met @coderbyheart! Super happy about it!

However, I think @Thorsten is not @Thorsten in Twitter :astonished:

Organizers created several activities for networking (lean coffee, speed meet), but I didn’t meet Thorsten…

Despite of this 50% of success :smile: this initiative is very useful!! :clap::clap::clap:

And you inspired me to create this small idea to look for speakers: https://github.com/rachelcarmena/call4buddies

Thanks @mirjam and congrats for this initiative, today and forever!


I don’t recall meeting @Thorsten but I definitely am vividly remembering meeting the amazing @bberrycarmen. We keep in touch and will meet again!


Thanks for the feedback - 50% sucess is already pretty great! So glad you two met!
And I :heart: Call4Buddies!