[2019-02-14] VueJS Amsterdam 2019



VueJS Amsterdam 2019

**Date: 14. - 15.2.2019 **
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Link: http://www.vuejs.amsterdam

Short description / Topic

VueJS, Frontend Development, Vue.js core team and a total of 20+ speakers sharing their insight into Vue.js

I’m looking for a Conference Buddy

  • Let’s chat before and for example meet at the entrance of the conference so we can enter together. Or alternatively meet at the lunch of the conference.

About me

  • Frontend Developer since 2001 from Stuttgart, Germany
  • Technology focus: HTML, CSS, Javascript, using Vue since 2017, Node.js
  • I have been freelancing for years, currently employed as group head of a small team
  • Last conference: Smashing Conference Freiburg / 2016


Only two weeks to go!


Count me in, I’ll also gladly introduce you to some friends of mine.


Hey :slight_smile: I’ll be there also. I would gladly meet up


Will also be at VueJS Amsterdam and happy to chat. Just ping me on twitter @viddity


cool, see you all tomorrow morning :ok_hand:


Have so much fun together!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: