[2019-01-05] CodeFreeze, Ivalo, Finland: 5.-12.01.2019


Codefreeze is an unconference with very little structure. Actually, it’s not a conference at all. CodeFreeze is a time and place for software craftspeople to meet. We would like to have likeminded people to gather in one place and have long conversations about craftsmanship over a beer. And to practice our coding skills.

While the core conference days are from Monday to Wednesday, participants typically spend a full week in Kiilopää to enjoy the amazing winter nature and amazing activities.

This year, we’ll experience new moon - time when the moon does not enlighten us , but hopefully gives more room for Aurora Borealis to do that.

Did we mention that this place is above the arctic circle? Which is pretty cool. Or freezingly cold actually .


I will be there and will happily introduce you to the magic of the SoCraTes conferences in an even more magical place.

Read my blog post if you are interested: https://coderbyheart.com/codefreeze-brings-the-magic-of-socrates-to-lapland/