[2018-11-14] VueConf TO 2018


VueConfTO 2018

Date:14-16 Nov 2018
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Link: https://vuetoronto.com

Short description / Topic

Canada’s first and North America’s biggest Vue.js Conference featuring pre-conference workshops, session talks, and lightning talks. Creators of Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Vuetify.js, and other core team members will be giving talks at the conference.

Meet your Conf Buddies here

Actually, I want to make it an open thread for people attending this conference to find any conference buddies. If you can’t find anyone, come and talk to me :slight_smile:

About me

I’m the organizer of VueConfTO. I’m sure people are looking for conference buddies for this conference. So I want to open this thread so they could say hi and be buddies for the conference and beyond :slight_smile:


Hi :wave:
That’s a really nice idea!


Thanks for creating this @jillztom!

I will be there and looking forward to meeting new people there!


I’ll be there all buddy buddy too, so if you see me, don’t hesitate to come up and say hi!


Hi there :wave:
I just wanted to ask if you met each other in Toronto? :blush:


Yes, we all met, ConfBuddy is an amazing initiative. :slight_smile: Although we knew each other with Ben and Jilson even before the conference so we’d met anyways.