[2018-11-10] JSDay Canarias 2018



JSDay Canarias 2018

Date: 10, 11 November
City: Tenerife, Canary Islands
Country: Spain
Link: https://jsdaycanarias.com/


JavaScript and other interesting stuff for the community.

I want to be a Conference Buddy

I will be speaking at this conference.


Hi Rachel M,

how did the conference go? Did someone contanct you on Twitter about being a Conference Buddy?



Oh, sorry, @mirjam. I’ve just read your reply right now. I didn’t enable email notifications. Maybe, they could be enabled by default. I’ve just fixed it and I hope not to miss a reply.

Nobody contacted me on Twitter about being a Conference Buddy. However, I’ll continue using it to spread this awesome initiative. Thanks!



Hi Rachel,

no worries! Thank’s for your answer and your support! :heart:

You have a good point regarding the notifications, I disabled all of the per default bc I don’t want to be intrusive and I myself don’t like it when a app or site enables notification per default. But at least I should made that more clear I think…