[2018-11-10] DACHfest, Munich Germany




Date: 10 - 11 November
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Link: https://dachfest.com

Short description / Topic

DACHFest is a two-day conference focused on making a difference. Discover all the different ways in which emerging technology is transforming lives, find out how to make your apps and websites friendly towards everyone, learn the secrets of building and nurturing a diverse community — let our speakers surprise and inspire you! And don’t forget to make new friends: there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people passionate about your favorite things.

I can be your Conference Buddy :blush:

I’m at DACHfest as a speaker and will give a lighting talk about the “history” behind conference buddy. Would love to met some people and be a Conference Buddy :hugs: so please feel free to reach out to me! Also: Every moral support is more than welcome as it is my first talk on a conference :flushed:

About me



I’m gonna be there as well! :slight_smile:


Found conference buddy via Twitter. Will see y’all soon!


Hello! I am attending the conference tomorrow and already in town. Anyone up for a drink or dinner?

– Katie


I’m also at the conference. Let’s meet for a dinner or coffee?


Hi, :wave:t2:
Lets meet for a drink here, you can find me by finding person with dreads and lets chat :heart:


Hey… First time I heard about this project here at DACHFest munich. Feel free to get in contact, my name’s Alex. GDG Augsburg/Munich


Ohhi! Just seeing this. I’m at the mgmt talk right now.


:wave: hey you all! Did everybody find somebody? I’ll be there again tomorrow and this time waaaay more relaxed than today :sweat_smile: drop me a message here or on twitter if you wanna meet! I’ll be definitely at the the first two talks in track 2 for starters :slight_smile:


Hey, where are you after lightning talks? After 16?


Just for the record: We found each other! :smiley: