[2018-10-18] Code.talks, Hamburg, October 18-19, 2018



Date: 18-19 October 2018
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Link: https://www.codetalks.de/

Short description / Topic

Mit über 100 Talks aus 16 Themenfeldern bietet die code.talks ein vielfältiges Programm. Schau doch mal über Deinen eigenen Tellerrand und entdecke, was die neuesten Innovationen anderer Themenbereiche sind. Erweitere Deinen Horizont und lass Dein Entwickler-Herz noch höherschlagen!


I will be speaking at this conference and I would love to meet fellow Conference Buddies and I offer myself as one.

Edit: I don’t take part in the raffle, and I actually offer a free ticket for a member of an underrepresented group. DM me with a short intro if you are and can make it to the conference.


Well,… my name is Anett and I’m a web engineer with focus on frontend related topics at Codemonauts in Frankfurt/Main.
I had the opportunity to attend CSS&JSConfEU this June in Berlin and was flashed by the great community and spirit at this conference. My interests are not limited to development but rather wide spread, from handicrafts to cycling and being a positive influence on my fellow human beings. :wink:

Would be nice to meet you again @coderbyheart, maybe as a ConfBuddy in Hamburg :slight_smile:


Oh yes! Looking forward to! Let’s try to meet up during the breakfast session …


Oh, by the way. I will be taking a train on Wednesday from Frankfurt to Hamburg, so maybe we can already meet on the way.


/me is also a speaker at the event. See you there!


I will be traveling by train on Wednesday, ICE578 / 12:58 from Frankfurt.


Well, hello! I will be at the conference as well, only on the first day though!

Feel free to hit me up and you can always talk to me about all kind of programming topics, Emacs, Mechanical Keyboards, new mobility and what my employer ioki is doing in Hamburg :bus::dash: