[2018-10-13] Ruhr JS, Bochum, Germany - October 13-14 2018




Date: October 13-14 2018
City: Bochum
Country: Germany
Link: https://ruhrjs.de/

Short description / Topic

“The RuhrJS is an annual, community-driven JavaScript conference and the first of its kind in the metropolitan Ruhr Area in Germany. First held in 2016, the RuhrJS brings together an international line-up of renowned speakers with 200 JavaScript developers from all over the globe, creating a forum for developers to connect with companies and one another.”

I will be your Conference Buddy (can you be mine??)

I’m going to the RuhrJS with a co-worker at the first day and the second I’ll be on my own :see_no_evil: I would love to be a Conference Buddy! We could meet for breakfast at the first day or grab lunch together? Just drop me a message here or at Twitter!

About me

I created Conference Buddy for a reason, so I tend to be a bit awkward at first ( :flushed: ). Really, I love meeting new people - I’m just not very good at it.

You can talk to me about:
:heart: Conference Buddy (duh!)
:left_right_arrow: changing careers (like, a lot)
:woman_technologist: being a self taught programmer & junior dev
:dog2: why working as a dogtrainer helped me become a better programmer
:woman_teacher: what dogtraining taught me about leading and working with people
… and of course everything else :blush:

Things I sometimes don’t stop to talk about so start at your own risk!
:dragon: A Song Of Ice And Fire / Game of Thrones
:keyboard: Mechanical Keyboards
:kiss: My love for unit testing



Hi there!

Twilio is giving away a free ticket for someone from an underrepresented group :sunny:


Hi @mirjam, fellow scaredy cat and frontend developer here. I’ll be at RuhrJS and would love to have a coffee/ conference buddy! You can contact me on twitter @christine_gotth (is this how this works? I’m confused^^).


Hi Christine,

I’ll drop you a message via Twitter! Guess there’s not yet a “normal” way how this works :grin: because everything is new!