[2018-09-21] VueJS London, UK - September 21, 2018


VueJS London

Date: September 21 2018
City: London
Country: UK
Link: https://vuejs.london/

Short description / Topic

Vue.js Community Conference. VueJS is a Javascript Frontend Framework.
The event starts at September 20 with workshops, the conference itself with talks will be at September 21.

I will be your Conference Buddy!

Thanks to the VueJS London organizer, I’ll be at the conference as a community sponsor :tada: So there will be a little Conference Buddy booth somewhere.

If you want to meet other Conference Buddies, please use this as a meeting point - I would be delighted to meet you! If you’re at the conference, make sure to pay me a visit!

About me

Keep in mind I created Conference Buddy for a reason :grin: so don’t be surprised if I’m a bit awkward. :flushed: But really, I love meeting new people, so make sure to say hi!

You can talk to me about:
:heart: Conference Buddy (duh!)
:left_right_arrow: changing careers (like, a lot)
:woman_technologist: being a self taught programmer & junior dev
:dog2: why working as a dogtrainer helped me become a better programmer
:woman_teacher: what dogtraining taught me about leading and working with people
… and of course everything else :blush:

Things I sometimes don’t stop to talk about so start at your own risk!
:dragon: A Song Of Ice And Fire / Game of Thrones
:keyboard: Mechanical Keyboards
:kiss: My love for unit testing


I’ll be there :smiley:


Annnnnd we have our next Conference Buddy match :tada::star_struck:


I’ll also be there (or here :roll_eyes:) tomorrow, I’ll definitely drop by your booth.


I will be there too. My English is not the best, but we will have a lot of fun talking together.
I can’t wait :heart_eyes:

VueJS London, September 2018