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Introduce yourself to the community! Let everyone know a little bit - or a lot! - about yourself.

List of Conferences

List of conferences where you can post a event, either because you want to look for a Conference Buddy to go with you or because you are going to this event and want to offer to be a Conference Buddy for others

Look for a Conference

You’re not committed to a specific conference and your priority is finding a Conference Buddy first? Post here what you are looking for so others can help you! If you want to be a Conference Buddy to someone, it’s a good idea to browse posts here.

Success stories

You spend a good time on a conference thanks to Conference Buddy? Share your experience to encourage others Post a picture, a few words, a big report - whatever you want.

About Conference Buddy

Everything concerning Conference Buddy as a project does belong here: feedback, criticism, questions! Let’s improve this together!


Everything that doesn’t fit in one of the other categories goes here.